Królik Baletnica :)
  • Królik Baletnica :)
  • Królik Baletnica :)
  • Królik Baletnica :)

Flavia flamingo :)


Handmade decoration Flaming Flavia in colors Rose-Gray in droplets


Lovable Pink Flamingo with a headband and bow along the lines of the 1930s :)

Preserved in the colors of delicate pink and gray Flaming with a big bow will appeal to you
every Little Princess!

Flamingos sewn by hand from 100% cotton,
is filled with an anti-allergic silicone cartridge
fully safe for children!

Baaaardzo large Pink Flamingo with a shrinked leg is an original, one-sided decoration for hanging on a wall or cot

The Flamingo is equipped with a troika that allows the suspension of

It will be an excellent decoration of the girl's room!

Flamingos sewn by hand with great attention to detail
is a guarantee that you will receive the highest quality product, not a tape-stitched product

The author's design is a guarantee of uniqueness!

Decoration for those who value originality and original style! :)

Dimensions of the Flamingo:

- height: approx. 83 cm
- width: approx. 40 cm

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