Słodkie gwiazdki 3D delikatny-róż
  • Słodkie gwiazdki 3D delikatny-róż

Sweet stars 3D white-gray


Set of five 3D stars in white-gray colors

Sweet set of five unique 3D decorations:


in colours


The set consists of 5 ornaments (stars),
made of 100% cotton,
filled with anti-allergic silicone cartridge

Each Star has a trot made of satin ribbon in gray
(to allow the decoration to be suspended at the desired location)
and decorative satautic bow in white

The stars are about 10 cm x 10 cm
(+ troika length 6 cm)

The set is preserved in a color tone that perfectly matches the garland
and other decorations from the set!

Stylishly decorated Star Set, it will work perfectly as a colorful element of the décor of your child's room!

It will also be an original gift when you first visit your newborn baby!

Each Star was sewn by hand, with great attention to detail,
which guarantees its unique character

And thanks to the fact that they are made of 100% cotton
and are filled with an anti-allergic cartridge are fully
safe for children!

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