Girlanda Duża turkusowo-szara
  • Girlanda Duża turkusowo-szara
  • Girlanda Duża turkusowo-szara
  • Girlanda Duża turkusowo-szara

Contrast garland of pennant: white and black


Garland for children's room made by hand


Garland in contrasting white and black color tones!

Thanks to the contrast of colors, the decoration will be perfectly noticed by your consolation!

The world seen through the eyes of the little one is two-dimensional and out of focus,
therefore, the objects surrounding it will be more visible to him in contrasting colors,
contributing to the optimal development of your child

Garland consists of pennant sewn from 100% cotton

The garland is approximately 200cm long and consists of 10 pennant (arranged approximately 150cm long) in contrasting white and black colours, in droplets and zigzag and smooth elements

The pennant is 15x20cm in size and is hung on an satin ribbon in white

Make your child's room décor not only enjoy you,
but above all your little one,
because a better understood environment is a guarantee of your child's development and success!

The garland will be the perfect and unique decoration of the children's room!

It will decorate the baby cot perfectly, but it will certainly work perfectly as a decoration of any space in the comfort room

The stylish garland will also be an original gift when you first visit your newborn baby!

Garland sewn by hand, with great attention to detail.

Recommended hand wash

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