Welcome! Nice to host you in my little world :)

You've come to a home manufactory where originality and unconventionality are paramount, because there's no room for routine!

This is my asylum– an oasis of peace in which I give myself to my passion, which is simply handicrafts. Deep down, I have always been drawn to activities that require precision and ingenuity, but only now that my dream son is to appear in the world, the manufactory and the desire to create have taken :)
szycie w toku
Bored with neutered, still duplicated, poor quality products stinging in the eyes in every store, I decided to use my passion, to create something fresh, original
and unique, which will give taste and uniqueness to the house, giving it character and warming its interior.

This is how the idea of creating gadgets and home decorations that I would like to surround myself with – without condemning myself to mass-produced products – was born.
And the creations of my imagination, passion and devotion, now I would like to share with someone who also cares about originality uniqueness in a warm, homely interior.
szycie na maszynie
Although to consolidate the effects of my efforts when combining elements of products, Sometimes I use the machine, I vouch, that they are far from factory-produced, tape-made.

Therefore, cutting myself off from the monotonous and common, I make every effort to ensure that the products I offer meet the expectations of people who, like me, do not succumb to instantaneous fashion, because diversity and going beyond the scheme allow you to feel special, even if it will only be the uniqueness of the comfort of our home :)

I invite all related souls to watch and express opinions about my work :)

If you have any questions, please write to: [email protected]
Yours sincerely
Freshly baked mom:
Agnieszka Ivashchenko :)
If you are interested in my creation, but the products offered by me do not quite meet your expectations – I am open to your suggestions and after agreeing on changes in the design, I will gladly create something especially for you :)